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Selection Blanc Cocoa-Trace X605/J

Selection Blanc Cocoa-Trace X605/J

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Exclusief BTW

Nicely balanced white chocolate with an aroma of vanilla and a touch of boiled milk.

  • Real Belgian chocolate
  • Cocoa content: 30%
  • Sustainable Cocoa-Trace chocolate
  • For preparations, pralines, bars, hollow figures, enrobing (thick), panning, dipping (thick)

Shelf Life: 365 Days

Cacao-Trace™ is a quality brand. The support farmers receive allows them to spend more time caring for their plantations, improving their skills, productivity and quality. Our teams work closely with them to manage the fermentation and drying process, a critical step to obtain superior cocoa beans. Controlling this process ensures that Cacao-Trace™ chocolate is made from the highest quality cocoa beans. The result is a win-win. Farmers deliver a better harvest and chocolate producers are assured of higher quality beans.

For every kilo of chocolate you buy, Cacao-Trace™ pays a "Chocolate Bonus" of €0.10 to Cacao-Trace™ farmers.

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