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Selection Amber Cacao-Trace 4 kg white with caramel

Selection Amber Cacao-Trace 4 kg white with caramel

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A balanced amber colored caramel chocolate with salted butter, with 30% cocoa. Famous for its versatility, this sustainable chocolate guarantees great taste results for your pastry and chocolate applications.

  • White chocolate with caramel
  • Real Belgian chocolate
  • 100% cocoa butter and 100% natural vanilla
  • Cocoa content: 30%
  • Sustainable: Cacao-Trace certified
  • For preparations, pralines, bars, hollow figures, enrobing (thick), panning, dipping (thick)

For an optimal taste experience, follow the instructions below:

Tempering indications

  • Ambient temperature: 16-20°C / 61-65°F
  • Melting: 43°C / 109.4°F
  • Cooling: 26°C / 78.8°F
  • Operating: 27-28.5°C / 80.6-83.3°F

Recommended storage conditions

Store in a dry place. RH: maximum 60%. Between 16 and 20°C

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