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PatisFrance Pralirex Pistachio 100% 1.5 kg

PatisFrance Pralirex Pistachio 100% 1.5 kg

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Pure 100% pistachio paste. Ideal for flavoring your ice creams, creams and pastry fillings, cakes, etc.
Dosage between 10% and 15%, depending on the application
Wide range of applications in pastry and chocolate preparation: flavoring pastry cream, pastry filling, chocolate decoration, filling chocolate bonbons, etc.

Most important features:

  • Clean(er) label: 100% dried pistachio, without flavouring, coloring or preservatives
  • Ideal for your chocolate and confectionery, mousses and desserts, macaroons, verrines, etc.
  • Ready for use
  • User friendly
  • A flexible texture making it easy to use at room temperature
  • Can be used neat or mixed into batters and fillings

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