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Martellato spinner

Martellato spinner

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Martellato Spinner Electric Turntable Ø24cm

Electric turntable from Martellato. With this 'Spinner' you can easily decorate cakes and pies, create chocolate decorations and provide your products with the finest details. Get perfect results by simply turning on the Spinner, determining the speed and direction of rotation. This way you have both hands free to make your creation even more beautiful!

The Martellato Spinner is a very solid device with a perfectly flat plexiglass plate (with size indications in cm and inches). This plate can be removed. The plateau has a diameter of Ø24cm. The LED lights light up brighter as soon as the speed of the Spinner is increased. The speed is adjustable from 1 to 80 RPM (rotations per minute). The rotation direction of the platter is also adjustable.

Specifications :
-Platform diameter Ø24cm
-Dimensions: 27x26x12 (h) cm
-Weight: 1.6kg

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