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MC10 Deep Meltinchoc 1.7l

MC10 Deep Meltinchoc 1.7l

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Deep MeltinChoc "Dry Heat" Chocolate Melter from Italy.
Designed for use in ice cream parlors for dipping ice cream and semi-frozen items in chocolate.

Dry heat
MeltinChoc melting equipment is built to handle chocolate gently.
The heating element is mounted at the bottom, heat is then transferred through the metal container.
Safe and slow melting at low temperature. Therefore, an electronic dry heat induction heating device is used.
No water is used, reducing the risk of contamination of high-quality couverture with water is going to be reduced.

Temperature regulation
The temperature can be adjusted up to 55 C 131 F° F)
Built-in electronic thermostat maintains the desired temperatures, so that the product remains liquid.
* Not intended to store chocolate.

Presented with classic colors that remind you of chocolate and look beautiful on any counter.
Made from strong lightweight plastic body construction.
Comes complete with a removable aluminum insert for easy handling of melted chocolate.
A plastic removable lid to protect the chocolate from unwanted environmental influences during processing or melting overnight.

1.7 liter unit
Capacity: 1.7 L / 57.5 fluid ounceses
Total unit: 8 "diameter, 8 1/4" long
Aluminum insert: 4 3/4 "diameter, 7" depth
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