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Colac Sundae Strawberries 1.15kg

Colac Sundae Strawberries 1.15kg

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A colorful and tasty garnish for your dessert

With this strawberry sundae you can garnish refreshing ice cream sundaes, crispy waffles, mouth-watering pancakes and other desserts. But this ready-made fruit preparation also goes perfectly with savory dishes. The combinations are endless.

Served hot or cold, they brighten up any dish in an instant with their beautiful color and delicious taste. This way your dish is not only tasty, but also beautifully presented. This strawberry sundae is made from 50% fresh and carefully selected fruit and real strawberry pieces and you can taste it.

Tip from our Chef

Did you know that this sundae can be deliciously combined with yogurt, vanilla, rhubarb or chocolate. Other flavors such as almond, hazelnut, honey or cucumber also provide an exceptional taste sensation.

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