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Chitcomp single cutting frame

Chitcomp single cutting frame

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Stainless steel cutting wires allow you to quickly cut through many different soft foods. Designed for the busy kitchen and candy store in mind, these two models are all you need to get the job done. 

  • Guitar is ideal for cutting ganache, pastry, pies, petit fours, chocolates, marzipan, jelly, etc.
  • Guitar includes 3 stainless steel cutting frames: 22.5mm spacing, 30mm spacing and 45mm spacing.
  • Guitar includes a plastic spatula, item number SPB
  • Guitar includes base-sized stainless steel plate
  • Guitar includes 3 extra stainless steel wires and tools to change them
  • Guitar is invaluable for cake and confectionery production!
  • cutting surface 36 x41 cm
  • spare parts can also be ordered more info:
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