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104000 Silicone mold ice creams (kit)

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Make your own ice creams with this quality mini ice cream mold. This mold creates ice creams in the same shape as Magnum Ice creams. The kit comes with two silicone molds, each containing six cavities. Each cavity has a slot that you can insert the ice stick into so that the ice can form around the stick.

The kit also comes with a large work board that helps keep the molds flat while you work with them. Also included are 50 ice cream sticks.

Production specifications:
Ice cavity: 4.5 cm wide x 9.3 cm high excluding the stick x 2.4 cm deepep
Ice cream mold: 38.5 cm wide x 14.5 cm high including the stickss)
Workboard: 41 cm wide x 31 cm high