Plantaardige chocolade: van niche tot voedselrevolutie

Plant-based chocolate: from niche to food revolution

Plant-based is one of the fastest growing segments in the food industry . Consumers feel the need to change!
As we continue to expand the Belcolade Plant-Based portfolio, we are excited to share our latest insights into this booming area.

How can professional pastry chefs and chocolatiers add variety to their chocolate creations?

With the unique innovation Selection W. Plant-Based Cocoa-Trace Belcolade offers chocolatiers, pastry chefs and other professional chocolate consumers more choice than ever before, as the company continues to expand its plant-based portfolio, following the recent launch of its critically acclaimed milky chocolate products. counterpart. As a result, Belcolade now offers its customers a extensive range of plant-based chocolate – milky and white – all of which carry the reassurance of Cacao-Trace certification.
The Plant-Based White Couverture is the first of its kind for the global professional chocolate industry because it has a excellent flavor profile and a rich, creamy texture . It also has the perfect “snap” that consumers love, along with a great shine and color . It stands out even further and is free from coconut, but also from nuts, soy and gluten – allergens typically found in other plant-based white options.
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